Explorations in Light and Sound
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A twelve minute light and sound performance that occurs on an eleven foot tetrahedron structure mapped with LED lighting choreographed to an original score that takes you on a journey through an eclectic electronic musical soundscape.

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luminal is kyle stewart and ben guerrette. visual artists, engineers, and passionate creators.



KYLE STEWART is a creative technologist, computational artist, and engineer based in Los Angeles. His focus is on execution and a passion in providing “tech support” for artists and ideas. He thrives on creating elegant solutions to previously hard or impossible problems. As a mobile developer, he's delivered award winning apps to millions of people. Now he's turning that engineering talent towards his passion of bending technology to create artistic and interactive experiences.

BEN GUERRETTE is a visual artist working in mediums ranging from spray painted digital canvases, to large format interactive video projection installations. He’s provided visuals for international acts at Coachella and avoided get arrested painting graffiti under highway overpasses in the 90’s. Ben also finds passion in producing creative apps that allow others to express their own artistic visions and feelings. He draws inspiration from shadows on the sidewalk, cracks in the buildings, and the juxtaposition of organic and geometric forms.